Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lunch from Alabama to Wyoming

     This week, someone who reads the blog told me they had a suggestion for a blog post.

O- Hey Travis, you know what you should do for your blog?

Me- What?

O- You should get a picture of a lunch from every state!! It would be cool to see what a lunch from every state looks like!

     We promptly discussed how cool it would be, and what all the different lunches would look like.  So to my readers, I ask you this:  
     If you are a student in any school in any state across America, send me a picture of your lunch!! Parents: if you have a student in school, get them to take a picture of their lunch, and then send it to me!! 
I will post the pictures I get weekly, and when I have every state, from Alabama to Wyoming, I'll write a summary of what I found!

If you send in a picture, please include:

  • First name
  • State
  • Grade level
  • What you ate
  • (Optional) City
Send your pictures to teubks@gmail.com with the subject "Lunch in (your state)"     Encourage your friends, children, grandchildren, ANYONE you know in a different state to send one in!!   Hope to see 50 pictures really soon!!

Until next time, stay full!

Photo Credit: www.daily-quotes.net


  1. Melissa B. from KansasSeptember 11, 2012 at 8:00 PM

    As a former lunch lady, I apprecate you're hat you are not blaming the cooks. I really like your blogging and trying to show the true story. I have a few questions you might consider asking along the way. The biggest is...are the President, his wife, the Secretary of Agriculture following the 850 calorie low protein meals..in fact as adults who are probably not playing football, volleyball,tennis, running cross country, etc. they probably don't require as many calories at lunch. And the other would be..if they are going to enforce no child left behind guidelines are they giving enough protein to fuel the brain for the afternoon of learning that is required of all schools...it's more than just the after school activities as you are very aware. Just a little "food for thought".
    Thank you for taking a caring interest in a very important subject..

    1. Also the American Medical Association who helped implement these mandates.

    2. I agree 100%. As a senior this year and very active in sports, I require a huge amount of food. As school lunches became more and more regulated, and were not enough, i began buying food off of the alecart menu. This became extremely expensive sometimes spending as much as $8 a meal. So now I regularly bring my own lunch and even then sometimes buying school food when my own isn't enough.

  2. Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp has made a statement on the lunch debate. Check out the story here. http://www.ksallink.com/?cmd=displaystory&story_id=23548&format=html