Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OPB: Operation Paper Bag.

To everyone who reads The School Lunches Suck! Blog, I have big news.  
We are joining forces with another movement against school lunches in New Jersey, called Operation Paper Bag. 
     Operation Paper Bag started out in Allentown High School, largely by a student named Jack Streppone.  Through a friend of a friend of a friend, I was put into contact with Jack.  Pretty quickly, he and I both realized that we didn't like the new changes to school lunch, and we also decided to do something about it.  
     In Jack's high school of about 1,300 students, there is something going on.  Students aren't buying lunch anymore.  They're bringing it.  Operation Paper Bag (OPB) was started by Jack and a few of his friends, and at the forefront of their movement is a petition, with nearly 900 signatures.  Everyday, Jack brings this petition to school, encouraging students to sign it, and lets them know about OPB.  The petition reads, "School lunch portions have decreased, while the prices, have increased! This is ridiculous! We, as students, need to stand up, be heard and do something about this!"  Jack said the reason for the petition and attention being brought to school lunches has a purpose,  "Ultimately our goal is to boycott meals at school, and hit the company that supplies our cafeteria with food and emyployees, Chartwells, where it hurts--financially."  
     Pretty quickly, the Allentown High School administration realized something was up, so the district superintendent set up a meeting between Jack and Chartwells before the full-fledged boycott was on.  Tomorrow, Thursday September 13th, Jack and the other students that started Operation Paper Bag are meeting with Chartwells representatives, employees, and a couple of school officials to talk about the school lunches.  There, Jack is going to present what he has found this year.  "Our lunch is $2.40," Jack went on,"and it's like finger food, but for raised prices!" 
     So over the coming weeks and months, I will be posting updates about Operation Paper Bag, and how things are going for Jack and his cause.  If you would like to follow OPB on twitter, their page is here, and their Facebook page is here.  This is really exciting news for The School Lunches Suck! Blog, so be sure keep posted for what's coming next!!
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  1. You guys are really dumb. 1st of all, it does you no good to petition the school when they're not the ones making the decision in the 1st place, the federal government is. 2nd of all, do you really think 900 signatures is going to convince Michelle Obama that she was wrong and she must change her ways because the students wish it? No. And you're not going to die, because the fact is, the new guidelines are well within the acceptable range of what is healthy for a growing teenage body.
    Also, I am so very proud of today's youth for spending all of their precious energy on dire situations like this. I mean sure, there's all kinds of other things going on out there in the world like terrorism, starving children, cancer, AIDS, communism, and abuse, but really, in the grand scheme of things, are they more important than a couple of spoiled middle class teenage tummies? Of course not!

  2. Also: School Lunches Suck!
    Totally digging the name. Government represenatives are definately going to take you seriously with a dignified, mature name like that. Congratulations!