Monday, September 10, 2012

Update...School Lunches Suck! Blog on TV!!

     Tomorrow, September the 11th, Channel 8 Eyewitness news from Lincoln, Nebraska will have a spot about The School Lunches Suck Blog on TV!! 
If you live in Nebraska, tune in at 6:00 pm to see what it's about!! If you don't live in Nebraska, or don't get Lincoln's ABC news on channel 8, I'l post a link so you can see it too!!

Here is a link to the spot that was on channel 8 today  Enjoy!

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  1. I like your blog. Your side items look pretty good and you seem to make a lot of healthy choices, but I would agree that your entree items suck! Seems like the hot food entree is skimpy on protein and calories and generally not tasty. I hope there is improvement soon, two of my four kids have food intolerances, so I pack their lunches every day and they avoid school lunch entirely. Congrats on getting your voice heard. You might like the blog "Never Seconds" to compare what you get with students around the world.